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Bosio Family Estate

A heritage to share

Bosio is a company owned by a family rooted for three generations in the Langhe region.

Knows the land inside out

The Bosio’s are Winemakers who know their land inside out and the wonder of living in an area recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Valter, Rosella and their son Luca Bosio represent the guarantee of a quality that, first and foremost, is a shared value, the fruit of their own hard work and the satisfaction of a wine made as it should be: good, healthy, traditional, an ambassador to the world of their own, extraordinary land. Verifying quality standards

The Bosio family has chosen to follow the entire chain of grape processing, from the field to delivery to the winery, equipping itself with the most modern technologies for winemaking, sparkling and wine aging. A vertical relationship on production that makes Bosio a producer capable of guaranteeing control and verifying quality standards at every stage of the working process. More than 150 vignerons bringing a capacity of productions spanning 700 hectares.

Excellence based on relationship & trust

It is an unparalleled heritage of vines that is at the disposal of the Bosio family, whose excellence is based on close relationships of trust rooted in more than 40 years of attendance. A continuous exchange between vineyard and winery that is expressed in a code of ethics shared by all growers, with precise rules of environmental sustainability, manual processing and harvesting, and a premium on grapes based on the quality of the harvest, not the quantity of the contribution.

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