SO Vignerons

SO Vignerons

A small boutique wine house with a big passion for Languedoc wines

So Vignerons is a small boutique wine house, producing typical quality Languedoc wines. The company was founded by Daniel Orsolini and Claude Serra in 2005.

High quality wines at affordable prices

The philosophy behind So Vignerons is to produce high quality, modern style Languedoc wines at affordable prices. This has been made possible by the long term contracts signed with the growers, having Claude as the winemaker/consultant to all growers and finally by using a state of the art bottling line. Claude Serra, our winemaker consultant, also professor at Montpellier University of Oenology is managing the viticulture and winemaking. All wines are vinified by Claude and come from vineyards located on specially selected terroirs producing characteristic varietals from the renowned region of Languedoc. SO Vignerons offer a wide range of Languedoc wines from one logistic platform and they work closely with their clients to help them produce their own wines labels. Their aim is to share their passion for wine and the region as well as sharing their commitment to preserve the environment.

Philipson Söderberg - Part of Anora Group (Burgundy)

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