Champagne in the heart

The Bauchet History

Juliette, the great-grandmother of the current generation, raised her son alone and fought hard to build a future for him. Thus, as early as in 1920, Felicien cultivated 1 hectare of land of his mother, while supplementing his income by doing odd jobs. After him, his 3 sons, Raphaël, Gérard and Roland, took great risks and worked hard to develop the estate and eventually managed to create one of the largest family estates in the Champagne region.

In Bisseuil, at the crossroads of the 3 major wine regions, they carved their cellars and established the head office of their family estate.

The Bauchet Family

The 4th and 5th generation manage the estate today. Robin Bauchet, grandson of Roland, and Florence, daughter of Gérard, share the management of the estate. Robin runs the family vineyards, while Florence takes care of communication and sales of the BAUCHET range of champagnes. Bruno Charlemagne, an oenologist and winemaker, preserves the style of their wines while he balances the character of this extended terroir with the tastes of a more and more international customer base.

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