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Generations of award-winning and innovative winemakers

A national monument

Nederburg’s story started in 1791 when the German immigrant Philippus Wolvaart acquired 49 hectares of land in the Paarl Valley. He named his property Nederburgh, in honour of the VOC commissioner, Sebastiaan Cornelis Nederburgh. Later, the ‘h’ was dropped from the spelling of the farm’s name and it became Nederburg as it is known today. The beautiful thatched and gabled Cape Dutch manor house that Wolvaart completed in 1800 is a national monument today.

Nederburg - Cabernet Sauvignon harvest

A rich and colourful history

At the heart of Nederburg’s winemaking journey are the people who are part of our rich and colourful history, from generations of award-winning and innovative winemakers to Ilse Graue, who lived in the manor house until the late 1950s and was a gracious host to Nederburg’s many visitors. Legend has it that on a balmy summer’s night you can sometimes still hear the sounds of laughter, clinking crystal glasses and the tinkling of her Beckstein piano floating out over the rose garden that she planted.

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