This is Philipson Söderberg

Philipson Söderberg, founded 1954, is the small, agile wine agency with the personal approach, backed up by the financial muscles and infrastructure of the big Anora Group.

We are wine people; we know wine and we love wine! Our passion for wine, combined with top notch market data analyzing tools, we trust is a winning concept. Our small team carry together more than a century of wine experience. All of us are sommeliers and/ or WSET educated. The PS wine-team has a strong international profile. Each producer works with a dedicated brand manager, with ambition to build a strong, fruitful & long-term collaboration with producers cross the world!  We are also very proud of having one the most prominent, 100% wine focused on trade sales team “Vingruppen”.

Welcome to Philipson Söderberg!

Nina Fajerson

Philipson Söderberg / Team photo
Philipson Söderberg - On trade

Restaurants - On-trade

Our nationwide sales force is one of the strongest in the Swedish on trade market. Full on-trade team are educated in wine and highly qualified, always focusing on the needs of the restaurant clients. We make sure to get the right brands in the right restaurants, whether it is the small bistro around the corner or the top Michelin star venue. Always with the same dedication.

Systembolaget, the monopoly - Off-trade

The monopoly is the door to the big volumes of the retail consumer market in Sweden. We know the tender process very well and have a good track record in winning listings, as well as performing in the ordering assortment.  Reading and analysing data from the monopoly is a key success factor and we have the best tools and processes for this. When needed, we provide support in blending to meet tender requirements. For more information in english about current tenders, see ”Business opportunities” below.

Philipson Söderberg - Systembolaget / Person in Systembolaget

Our team

Meet our team. If you choose to work with us, these are the people you will get to know.

Nina Fajerson

Nina Fajerson

Managing Director +46 70 8921911

Nina started her career in the fastmoving consumer goods business, brand building at Nestlé followed by Mondelēz.  When entering the wine business, she got totally stuck, took a WSET and Sommelier education and has now spent 15 years working with great wine producers around the world. 

Drinks at dinner with friends – Well-made wines from all parts of the world, the preference depends on the moment, the season, the food pairing and the company.

Caroline Tull

Caroline Tull

Junior Brand Manager +46 76 1467436

After working for many years in the restaurant industry, Caroline trained as a sommelier and has since gained experience working both at Systembolaget and as a product administrator for wine importers. She has a great passion for wine, and Caroline's deep interest and extensive knowledge motivate her to find new, creative ways to bring the right wine to the market.

Drinks at dinner with friends– Well-made sparkling wines or a delicious aged red wine for a Saturday night dinner.

Flavia Bergström

Flavia Bergström

Senior Brand Manager +46 70 5081339

Born in Argentina, Flavia fell in love with Sweden and into the world of wine. For more than 20 years, she has worked for numerous wine agencies in Sweden building strong relationships with both producers and Systembolaget. Thanks to her business and wine qualifications, Flavia is a master at finding creative solutions, perfectly illustrated by her life motto: “Never give up”.

Drinks at dinner with friends – anything as far as it perfectly pairs with food!

Alexandre Schuster

Alexandre Schuster

Senior Brand Manager +46 73 0740900

Alex, born in Alsace, found his passion for wine a bit more than ten years ago and retrained up to WSET Diploma level before becoming a buyer for Champagne, Alsace, Cider and Beer at Direct Wines in the UK. He moved to Sweden in 2018 and is now responsible for France and Spain within Philipson Söderberg.

Drinks at dinner with friends – Light and floral Champagnes first, followed by aromatic and finely oaked whites and light to medium bodied reds with silky tannins from anywhere around the world.

Linda Rós Einarsdóttir

Linda Rós Einarsdóttir

Product- & Market coordinator +46 70 2963855

Linda - born in Iceland - began her wine career at Systembolaget. Since then, she has held various roles in the wine industry, including positions in logistics, administration, and as a product manager. Today, she has taken on the role of product and market coordinator. With her immense passion for wine and extensive knowledge, Linda is a significant part of our team and our forward development.

Drinks at dinner with friends – A crispy Champagne or a well-made white Burgundy for a Friday dinner.

Ludvig Mörnesten

Ludvig Mörnesten

Senior Brand Manager +46 70 6336646

Having spent big part of his career on the wine producer side, he has a passion for the product in the bottle and not least for the way it is created. Combining a deep interest in wine, Ludvig is also very motivated by finding new, creative ways to get the right wine in the hands of the right consumer.”

Drinks at dinner with friends – a South African Sauvignon Blanc, anything red from Italy and of course never misses a chance to open a bottle of dessert wine at the end of a good meal!

Philipson Söderberg - Sustainability / grapes


Philipson Söderberg is a part of Vingruppen i Norden, which has been actively running a sustainability program since 2018. As a member of the Anora Group, we have high ambitions to be the leading player in the wine and spirits industry in the Nordic region. Our sustainability program, "From Grapes to Glass," aims to achieve sustainable development by focusing on four key areas: sustainable cultivation and production, sustainable consumption, sustainable climate, and a sustainable workplace. By working towards these goals, we are also contributing to the UN's global sustainability objectives.

The program consists of four steps, we call it “From grape to glass and beyond in 4 steps”

  1. Encouraging conscious grape growin

  2. Creating respectful communities

  3. Choosing responsible packaging

  4. Acting together to make a positive change globally

Read more about our Sustainability here

Consumer Marketing

Being part of the Anora group we have full access to one of the largest communication channels in Sweden; folk o folk; the prominent digital wine and food platform for Swedish consumers, with more than 5 million annual visitors. “folk o folk” is a place where we can publish content such as information about the wines and wineries, but also inspirational content such as recipes and travel recommendations. Connected to “folk o folk”, there is also a newsletter reaching more than 90 000 consumers every week.

Philipson Söderberg / Consumer marketing
Philipson Söderberg / Business opportunities (image)

Business opportunities

For any tenders or other business opportunities please contact

Country of origin

We are privileged to represent many of the celebrated vineyards and wine brands. Here are some of the brands and countries that we are working with.

Philipson Söderberg - Part of Anora Group (Burgundy)

Contact us

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Birger Jarlsgatan 43, 111 45 Stockholm, Sweden