Wine is produced in every state of America, however there are just five states where the wine industry plays a significant role - California, Oregon, Washington, New York, and Virginia

Wine in North America is not just about California, although 90 percent of all American wine comes from there. Oregon and Washington State have made the Pacific Northwest the country's second most significant wine region.Did you know that in addition to California, the Pacific Northwest and New York, all states - even Alaska - have some form of viticulture or wine production?

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California is by far the biggest producer of wine in the States producing around 90% of the country's total output. Vitis vinifera vines (those suitable for making wine) were brought here in the 1700s by Franciscan missionaries. The gold rush of the following century helped fuel demand for wine and was actively encouraged by the state.  In more recent times, the late Robert Mondavi is credited with educating Americans on the benefits of good wine and good food, and the pristine, visitor-friendly wineries in California, particularly in Napa, are now the model for wine tourism across the world. The topographical, geological and climatic diversity of the American continent has provided the states with all manner of vine-growing conditions. These range from higher-altitude, continental climes to coastal, fog-laden areas. 

Regional identity is as important to wine in the U.S. as it is in Europe. The concept is embodied by the country’s 200 or so officially demarcated American Viticultural Areas.

Although these are similar to European-style appelations, there are crucial differences: where most European appellations directly govern geographical, viticultural and oenological factors, AVA titles are less restrictive, and indicate only the region of origin (i.e. where the grapes were grown). The AVAs, more than half of which are in California, vary in size from one quarter of a square mile to almost 30,000 square miles (77,700 square kilometers).

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